Pin Ups are short profiles of women, shot and directed by women.

Through honest, intimate vignettes, Pin Ups tackles the notion that there is a ‘right’ way to be a woman or feminist and celebrates the multi-faceted, multi-dimensional female experience. Our subjects speak about anything they want to say, we capture their essence.

Our first series of portraits loosely focuses on the female experience and the concept of womanhood. Moving forward, it’s an open space.  

This is the beginning of an ongoing project and we are asking for contributions from female filmmakers all over the world who would like to present a snapshot of someone who they think should be a Pin Up. Our aim is to feature women from all walks of life and we particularly encourage perspectives and voices that are less seen or heard. 

We promote a DIY attitude towards filmmaking (Pin Ups are made in our own time, without funding) and we want to encourage women from all different experiences and skill sets to get behind the camera and start telling their stories. 

We welcome any new connections that can help Pin Ups to grow into a global platform showcasing female perspectives on both sides of the lens. If you would like to be a part of this journey in any capacity - whether through film, journalism, animation, photography, anything! - then please get in touch.