Page She is a collective of female creatives working across the media platform.

Recently formed, we created Page She as a way to help tackle the misrepresentation and lack of female voice and gaze in the media. Initially, we came together in reaction to the debate surrounding the ’No More Page 3’ campaign in the UK. We were disillusioned, yet again, to see women divided on social media rather than tackling the root of the problem together. The importance instead lies in providing alternatives to the status quo.

We believe in collaboration and creation rather than censorship. In this overwhelming digital landscape we are craving substance and true discourse and are lucky enough to have the means to do something about it. Through the medium of film we are creating non-judgemental spaces where women can speak out, connect their ideas and share their unique perspectives of the world.

Alongside a series of panel discussions, workshops and events launching this summer, we will build a community that supports women in film, promotes a DIY attitude and help fill the gap that exists in the media.